Structure Group Report 2010-03-28

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The Freegle Structure working group can be found at

55 members and still discussing good stuff!

This is a summary of those discussions since our last report of 14th March 2010, covering messages 2308 to 2438. We warmly welcome input and comments on Central about any of the issues we are presently discussing or yet to be discussed (live and pending topics detailed below). We have also put together a Task List - - so everyone can see what we are doing/planning to do.

Live Topics

Governing Document

The draft Governing Document is awaiting comparison and synchronising with the Reps Working Practices document that the Reps are drafting. The Structure group remit to complete this document by 28th March for presentation to Members has not been met, but we hope to be in a position to present it to the Legal group soon, then prepare it for adoption by poll by Members. Apologies to Central and Members for this delay.

The draft document has been posted on Central previously for comment - message no. 8132 on 21 February. If anyone has any comments to make on the draft it is not too late - just reply to that thread!

We would like to ask again if anyone has any experience in dealing with HM Revenue and Customs regarding registering an organisation as charitable for tax reasons, we would be really grateful for some advice and help. You don't have to be an expert, just someone who might have done this or similar before.

Group Assessment Team

A draft remit for the GAT has been drawn up with one outstanding question - should there be a minimum and maximum number of members on the team? If anyone has any views on this, we would welcome them.

Working Groups

Discussion continued on this request by Reps to come up with some ideas on how working groups can be most effective. A draft remit for three roles - Coordinator, Spokesperson and Task List Complier - has been drawn up for consideration by Reps. It has also been suggested that this idea shouldn't be mandatory for Working Groups to adopt, but a model that could be used if wanted by each group.

We have still not considered ownership of the various Central groups - should one person be allowed to be owner of more than one group, should there be a minimum number of owners, who should they be etc. We would really welcome views from you all!

Definition of Volunteers

There is a suggestion pending about having volunteers on a special group as a way of communicating with them, but we would really like some thoughts about this from Central. Who do we mean by a volunteer in terms of their eligibility to vote and membership of Central? Do you have volunteers on your group who don't have moderator status?

Maintaining a Healthy Workforce

As part of preparing a survey to go out to Freegle members, there has been some initial discussion on what skills or interests are needed or would be helpful on Structure and Legal groups.

Pending Topics

Our task list shows the other items that been identified by and for us to consider. Please have a look at the list and let us know if you feel we have prioritised items incorrectly or have missed anything.


The spokespeople for this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Edward (Rep and Edinburgh). The owner is Jacky.

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