Structure Group Report 2010-01-27

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Our group currently has 51 members, and is open to any member of Freegle UK Central who would like to join:

The spokespeople for this group are Edward (Edinburgh), Neil (Northampton N&C) and Jacky (Great Yarmouth). The owner is Jacky.

Our priorities for the coming 2 weeks are the group remit, finance and analysis of the current poll results.

This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 13th January 2010, messages 1765 to 1859. There were no comments on Central following or about the last report. We would warmly welcome input and comments from everyone on any of the issues we are discussing.

Organisational Structure

The feedback from the 3 day discussion on Central on the proposed next Poll was drawn together and some amendments made. Poll 4 was then published with a deadline of 2300hrs on 31st January 2010. We strongly urge everyone to vote in this poll.

A discussion and draft document about how Freegle Reps could work, in the context of a formal document that will provide a constitution or similar has been pended until advice has been gained from the Legal Team. The two models - charity or co-operative - that have been mooted informally previously would require a formal set up with quorum, meetings, officers etc. There is reluctance to embark on this type of formality from the Reps, so advice is being sought from Legal to see if there is a suitable structure that could be adopted which would suit the Reps preferred method of working and the lack of system for maintaining a membership list.


Discussion has begun on the desirability of having a Freegle bank account. Indications so far are that people are in favour of this, but that the administration of it would need to be as open as possible. Discussions continue about signatories, financial procedures etc. This ties in with the type of structure that might be adopted, the possible role of a Treasurer and the name which would need to be on the account.

Group Remit

Along with all the other working groups we have have been asked by the Reps to propose our group remit. Discussion has started but not concluded as it is uncertain whether the Structure group should continue after the end of the initially agreed 6 month term.

Mission Statement

Discussions about the desirability for a succinctly worded 'mission statement' to head up any formal document that is adopted has stalled. Comments would be very welcome from Central.

'Other Groups'

The question of 'other groups' (eg. Cafe groups) has been raised in poll 4, so we are awaiting the vote to see if we need to keep this on our agenda.

Regional Groups

This discussion has stalled. The question was raised on 5th January on Central but has only elicited 4 responses to date. We encourage comments about this to be aired on Central - the original message was no. 6513, further comments messages 6516, 6520, 6521 and 6550.

Published Information and Email Addresses

The proposal to adopt a wiki format for moderators handbooks etc was made to Tech and they agreed the suggestion. The use of Google Apps is pending with Tech.

Copyright and Licensing

This is still a live topic, though stalled at present, as we need to look into how to secure flexible, workable solutions, but to retain security for Freegle.

Comments Received on Poll 2

This is still a pending item on the group as we are aware that comments made in Poll 2 have been logged, noted, but not discussed. One suggestion was to put these in the hands of the Reps to initiate conversations on Central, but nothing has been decided as yet. Promise we won't forget this!

Ownership of Central Groups

Discussions were resumed about the need to come up with a policy of ownership of groups. This hasn't been concluded, though as it was suggested it should be tied in with the discussion on remits for Working groups subsequently commenced by the Reps. Any thoughts from Central about the issue of ownership of central groups would be appreciated.

Working Group Reports

There have been no further comments received about the proposal to share more widely summaries of working groups.


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