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Lewes Freegle have shared this promotion of Freegle in a local school:

15th February 2014

Yesterday, I attended a Freegle event in a local secondary school.

It had been a long time coming, after I went to the school last summer to talk to the eco lead member of staff about Freegle, went back in September to talk to a small group of students and their teacher, and Cat went in and spoke to the whole school in two assemblies in December.

A group of three boys arranged the event yesterday, with some help from a teacher. They had done posters, organised a system for the Give and Take and received the items that were given by other students. There were about six tables full of stuff ( toys, games, CDs, books, clothing, electronic bits). People who brought something to freegle were given a token. They were allowed out of their mentor groups to have first choice of what had been brought in.

After that, it was thrown open to others in the school. It nearly all went, except for about 6 items.

I've come away with a very trendy bit of clothing, which I love - so win, win! (release my inner teenager!) This time we also tied up with the waste reduction team from Lewes District Council, and they also had a stall. The school is now planning to do it a couple of times each year. I have some photos, but I have to get the school's permission before I publish them.

It would be lovely if this would inspire other Freegle groups and schools to get involved.


Message from Cat to all groups following the above:

It would be great to replicate this in other areas. Engaging with schools is a really positive way of promoting reuse/Freegle in any area.

We have a budget for media matters which could cover my expenses ..... if you want me to do a talk in a local school ..... I can help make contact and arrangements with school and so on.

That offer extends to other groups as well. I have a whole series of talks/presentations I can give to suit different audiences and can adopt to suit specific areas too. I do about 2 a week in the Sussex area. I am happy to share presentations with any Freegle volunteer to adapt if you fancy giving talks yourself.

Food for thought.....

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