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Ukash/Paysafe/Courier Scam:

This scam involves the offer of an attractive item (TV, games console, white goods), then there is a delay on response to requests eventually leading to an acceptance which explains the delay was due to the moderators not approving it and also that the offerer has moved. But they can courier the item, so give details for this with a request for payment of courier charges via Ukash vouchers. If 'hooked' the requester will be asked for carriage charges, then insurance, then possibly a release charge as the package got held up. The outcome is no item and money paid via Ukash or Paysafe lost.

To help counteract this long running (it first appeared on Freegle late 2013) scam, why not put a footer on each of your group messages:

Please do not pay courier fees for any item offered via Freegle. It will be a scam!

This scam usually includes the use of 070 telephone numbers which will rack up even more money scammed if used to contact the scammers.

If you have a member report this scam, please let mailbox know, record it in modtools so the scammer is removed from groups and also advise the member to report it online to the police if they have been a victim and lost money -

Link: Specific Problems