Safeguarding at Events

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Safeguarding is all about the well being and safety of children and vulnerable adults. It is also important that individuals do not put themselves in a position where allegations could be made against them.

A few things you might wish to consider for events:

  • Ask the person responsible for the event what safeguarding issues there may be.
    • If giving a talk in a library, school or similar, ask the staff to advise on any safeguarding concerns.
    • When asked to work with children or vulnerable adults, confirm that safeguarding has been considered by all parties.
  • Have two people or more to man your stall.
  • Avoid being alone with a child or vulnerable person at any time, ask a colleague to accompany you, especially with vulnerable people - but as you can't always tell who is in that category treat everyone as potententially needing safeguarding.
  • Volunteers who are under 18 or vulnerable need safeguarding measures for themselves as well as for the adults working/interacting with them.
  • Know what the contact details for safeguarding concerns are for your area (see Safeguarding Contacts for some suggestions).
  • Be generally aware of safeguarding issues (see Safeguarding FAQ for some pointers).

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