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Selling goods obtained via Freegle is not against Freegle's rules, as long as the member planning to re-sell discloses their intention before collection. Some mods do feel strongly about this and have a ‘no-resellers’ rule on their group.

Many members feel strongly that they want to pass their unwanted stuff on to someone who is going to benefit from it directly. On the other hand it must be remembered that even if a profit is made, the item in question is still being kept out of landfill –which is, after all the most important thing, and many members don’t care what happens to their stuff, they just want to get rid of it.

If you are considering implementing a ‘no re-selling’ rule bear in mind that this is very difficult to police – it might be better to allow it and then at least there is a chance of knowing who the re-sellers are.

Want an admin? See here. For an email to send to someone you think might be an undisclosed reseller (cue dramatic music) see here

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