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The promise button is available for members posting offers. Basically it works:

  • The message is greyed out onsite - people can still reply but they're warned they might not get it. This is because some people promise things too soon, and then if they have a no show or change their minds they need to be able to get the other replies.
  • The other person is told - which "nudges" both people to realise they've entered into a commitment.
  • We don't auto-repost, we don't send "what happened about this mails".
  • It shows who you've promised to on My Posts, which makes it easier to keep track.
  • People replying by email won't know if an item promised, so there may always be some replies.
  • People who have replied don't get notified when something is promised, but they do if it's taken (by someone else).

If a member promises an item to someone who fails to collect, they have to unpromise to offer to someone else. When unpromising is selected it shows as a no show on their profile.

On My Posts there isn't the option to promise an item to someone who hasn't directly requested it. But in Chats, that option is available if, say, the person has asked for something else and taken another item not directly requested as well.

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