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Local moderator teams should handle this issue in the way they feel comfortable. Many groups do not allow members to include personal details in their posts, such as telephone numbers, suggesting instead that they only disclose this information when arranging collection.

Some groups allow mobile numbers only, others allow any contact information on list. Some groups who don't allow telephone numbers are occasionally willing to make exceptions - for instance when someone is moving house and about to have their internet disconnected.


  • Can speed up collection, when members need to get rid of goods quickly.
  • Makes Freegle more accessible to people who do not have good internet access.
  • Allows members to make their own choices about how much information they feel safe giving.


  • There are safety risks, particularly for new members or members that don’t realise that they are potentially sharing their details with thousands of other people. There have also been incidences when posts have been copied to other forums therefore further circulating their phone number.
  • There have been reports of people using Freegle as a way of playing practical jokes by offering very valuable items and leaving someone else’s number. This is more of a problem on larger groups.
  • Occasionally there are premium rate number scams. You can use the link below to check any suspicious looking numbers. They often start with 070.

Tip: if you do choose to allow telephone numbers then mention safety issues in your members' handbook. Also say that the member includes their telephone number at their own risk and that result can be overwhelming if valuable item is offered – late night calls, calls days after the item has gone etc.

If you decide you're okay with phone numbers and want to send an admin to the group you can find one here. On the other hand of you're not okay with numbers and you need an admin you can use this.

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