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This poll was held in May, initial result announced on 31st May 2011 on Central [1]

First question:

The Reps have suggested opening a bank account for Freegle with Unity Bank.

In order to do this a constitution needs to be provided along with other paperwork. Previous discussions on Structure about a governing document have now been brought forward and a new document drafted and discussed.

If this document is approved, it will require a 66% majority of those voting in a subsequent poll to make changes, but a simple majority is all that is needed for acceptance in this poll.

Do you approve the Freegle Constitution?

Yes - approve the Freegle constitution - 106 votes - 93%
No - do not approve the Freegle constitution - 2 votes - 1.75%
Abstain - 6 votes - 5.25%

Second Question:

Proposed procedure for elected roles:

If a vacancy for any elected post (Rep, Ombudsman, Returning Officer etc.) occurs within 3 months of election, the role vacancy should be offered to the next highest voted candidate, provided they gained at least 75% of the votes of the lowest successful candidate in the most recent election.

Elections from now on will state that this auto-promotion will be in effect and that there will be a option to vote for 'none or no others'.

Do you want Freegle to adopt this procedure?

Yes - adopt this procedure - 103 Votes - 90.35%
No - do not adopt this procedure - 9 Votes - 7.9%
Abstain - 2 votes - 1.75%

There are a few votes that need checking, a couple that have put their user name as their group and a couple have voted twice but none of these are sufficient to change things enough to bring about a different result.

Both the constitution and the auto promotion procedure are therefore carried by good majority.

The final "corrected if necessary" result after checks have been made will be published in about a week. (1)

Stuart Fraser R.O.

(1) Adjusted and final result announced 7th June 2011 [2] - percentages/results above changed to reflect this.

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