June 21st 2010 Poll

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This poll was announced on Central on 21st June 2011 [1].

The poll asked for adoption of the document Freegle Reps Ending Term of Office Procedures document and a question about the timing of a suspension/resignation.

It also asked for nominees for the role of Ombudsman and offers for people to join the Panel Pool for Arbitration and Appeal Panels.

The result of the poll was announced on Central on 28th June 2011 [2].

The brief details of the poll are:

Question 1: Should these procedures be adopted?
Yes/No/Abstain offered as options to vote.
Yes: 109 = 90.83%
No: 7 = 5.83%
Abstain: 4 = 3.34%

The Yes vote was carried

Question 2: If this document is approved, should we treat the suspension/resignations as if they had occurred on the day of approval?
Yes/No/Abstain offered as option to vote.

Yes: 98 = 81.67%
No: 17 = 14.17%
Abstain: 5 = 4.16%

The Yes vote was carried

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