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When you hold an event to promote your community, you could be covered by Freegle's Insurance as long as you provide some basic information and follow these guidelines.

Getting covered by Insurance

Please don't assume that everything you are doing as a volunteer is covered by the national insurance policy. Of course, in the average day of running a community there is very little risk of an insurance claim by or against you. But when you run an event or deal with things face to face the risks are increased so Freegle has Employers Liability and Public Liability cover. To use this you need to email You will need to give at least 7 days notice of the event so that there is time to complete the process, but sooner than that would be better.
The basic procedure is:

  • Community/Volunteer who wants cover for an event emails to say so.
  • asks for completion of an information form [1] and risk assessment form [2]
  • Once the form and assessment are submitted sends a copy of the insurance policy and cover to community/volunteer confirming that xxx event has been noted for the purposes of the policy and encourages use of spreadsheet for organising their event [3]
  • Once the event is over, feedback should be given to

If this process is not carried out, there is no guarantee of the insurance cover being applicable to your event.

Policy Summary

Policy No: 2155667622AO13498
Period of Insurance: 25 June 2022 to 24 June 2023 inclusive
Insurance broker: Graham Sykes Ltd[4]
Insurer: Covea Insurance plc[5]
Policy Type: Multiple: Event
Cover : Public Liability and Employers Liability. The employers liability section covers up to 4 volunteers/helpers. Policy Schedule.jpg

Policy Details

For the small print, please see


Please be aware that for any claims under this policy, Freegle UK or Freegle Ltd will not cover the £250 excess for Public Liability. If a claim is made the excess is the responsibility of the Volunteer(s) who are party to the claim. This does not apply to the £500 Policy Excess in respect of any damage caused by a gazebo to volunteers/helpers.

First Aid

First aid cover is the responsibility of the volunteers, who, at a minimum should make sure that people would know where to go in case of an incident, and are given access to a phone and a chair.

Storage of Information

The information given as part of the procedure for getting cover will be kept and accessed only by the mailbox


  • monitor the insurance@ mailbox and ensure all queries are answered promptly
  • deal with requests for insurance cover from volunteers, ensuring all the procedures and paperwork required are completed
  • keep the insurance information on the wiki up to date
  • collate annual statistics so that Freegle has an overview of commitments against the policy in the past year
  • report to the Freegle Board

The current insurance coordinator is Ray Owen.

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