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These are example emails you could use for a member who has been hacked.


It looks like either your e-mail has been hacked or you have got a computer virus - either way your email is sending out spam.

This is probably not your fault, it is possible your email provider has had its records hacked into. We suggest that you do the following, in this order: Download and install an up-to-date virus checker and firewall - you can get free, legal software from www.filehippo. com, AVG & Avast

Disconnect from the internet

Run a thorough anti-malware scan (malewarebytes is good for cleaning computers)

Change ALL your passwords - alphaplusnumeric ones are harder to hack

Check your e-mail programme for, and remove, any vacation replies that have been set up. Unless you really need to don't store your contact list online, where it is easily accessed by someone who gains access.

To protect our members, your posts will be moderated, for now.

Kind Regards


Hi there

1) Your account has (just) been hacked and the hacker is sending messages from your account, OR

2) Your account was hacked some time ago, and the hacker copied your settings and address book and used those to set up a fake account with your credentials

We recommend that you...

- change your mail password, and any other passwords, using a DIFFERENT computer
- scan your computer for viruses and malware

This should stop the hacker from being able to access your account again - but you can't do anything about any data he has already copied, and you won't be able to stop him from sending out emails with your address in the "from" line.


Link: Sample Messages