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This report was posted on Central and sent to all group owner addresses, 28th November 2015


Freegle UK was born in 2009 and over 6 years later we are proud to be a network of 409 groups serving over 2.3 million members. This is an outstanding achievement and we have collectively moved forward to the next stages of development which will offer opportunities to consolidate and grow. Thanks are due to every volunteer who has worked in running local groups and to those that have offered their skills and time nationally.

It was agreed that Freegle UK is dissolved and assets transferred to Freegle Ltd. This final report from the Reps is to confirm that the dissolution has been completed in line with our Constitution.

The key actions and decisions relating to the dissolution were: November 2012, AGM:. The Reps recommended that Freegle look at setting up a Trading Subsidiary and Structure Group were tasked with exploring this.

Jan-Feb 2013: Structure Group set up a Trading Subsidiary Working (TSW) Team. July-Sept 2013: TSW Team presented their final report to Structure Group, Structure Group recommended the report to Central. Poll held on Central with proposal: “I agree that Freegle should convert to an IPS as proposed in the report, and the relevant constitutional changes should be put to a national full volunteer poll” 84 votes were cast, 89.36% were in favour.

Nov-Dec 2013: National poll was held proposing “Freegle establishes Freegle Limited, an Industrial and Provident Society for Community Benefit and that Freegle is dissolved with the assets and operations of Freegle transferred to Freegle Limited.” This vote was a constitutional change so needed 66% agreement, the results were: Yes - 113 votes (86%), No - 14 (11%), Abstain - 4 (3%), so the motion was carried.

Nov 2014: 8 Reps in post voted unanimously that “When Freegle Limited bank account and charitable status are in place, it is agreed that Freegle UK assets can be transferred to Freegle Limited and Freegle UK will be wound up.”

Freegle Ltd has opened a bank account, registered with the HMRC as a charitable organisation and has held its first AGM, so Freegle UK can now be officially dissolved.

The Constitution Clause 14 requires the Reps to wind up the business of Freegle UK in preparation for transfer to another organisation that has the same or similar purpose; as agreed this is Freegle Ltd.

A set of externally audited accounts for Freegle UK 2013-2014 were presented at the Freegle Ltd AGM.

Final winding up accounts are complete; see below.

  • The Freegle UK bank account has been transferred to the control of the Freegle Ltd Board of Directors on 26th November 2015.
  • All groups affiliated to Freegle UK are now affiliated to Freegle Ltd.
  • All other material and intellectual assets are now transferred to Freegle Ltd.

We hope that every volunteer will join the Freegle Ltd cooperative by becoming shareholding Members - It has been our mutual support and teamwork that has created this wonderful online community and that ethos will be continued and developed in Freegle Ltd. The Reps, past and present, would like to take this last occasion to thank everyone for having confidence in us to represent you all.

Alison, Cat, Edward, Jacky, Jane, Richard, Sheila, Tina
(the last) Freegle Reps
28th November 2015

Accounts statement for Freegle UK for period 6th April to 26th November 2015

Income from Donations 1,805.84
Give As You Live 1,355.18
Big Lottery Fund (CAfS) 600.00
Total Income 3,761.02
Big Lottery Fund (CAfS) 1,300.00
Other 120.59
Total Expenditure 1,420.59
Surplus for the period 6th April to 26th November 2015 2,340.43
Reserves brought forward 17,989.02
Closing Reserves 20,329.45
Funds previously transferred to Freegle Ltd's bank account 15,854.08
Funds transferred to Freegle Ltd's control 26th November 2015 4,475.37

Link: Freegle Structural Change