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 Freegle Tech Report August 2013
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If anyone is interested in this stuff you are welcome to join us, even if you only want to dip in and out. Mods who are willing to try out new stuff, test any tweaks done, or just comment come along.


There was a problem on the 7th pm which wasn’t picked up until next morning. This resulted in logging in problems for some members.On the 30th it was down for 20mins.
The SSL certificate which we use on our servers to allow HTTPS connections. If you see any oddities about SSL connections, please mail geeks @


The group settings page has a Statistics section. It's a bit messy, something has been added which tells you what % of messages in the last 31 days came from FBUser members. .
A group was getting quite a few mapping e-mails, showing stuff in Edinburgh. Putting a location in the settings for Mapping should solve this. Mapping does update overnight so it may not show until the following day.


Facebook have been making more changes. Now you can add more Admins using the email address which they use with their Facebook account. It will l send a friend request to them and you will also get one. You have to accept it I think. (Haven’t tried not accepting it:-)’
You can once again access the app by clicking on setting on the top right of the Facebook page. Edit page. Click on one of the items in the drop down. Once there you will see a list of the functions across the top. One says ‘ see more.’ Click on this and choose apps. You can then go to the app to configure the settings. After the Ist visit you can use the offer/wanted box or the url of your settings page to go in and out. .
There were reports of the daily posts and other stuff not coming on the group pages. This is down to Facebook again putting limits in what is allowed to be reposted. Some changes have been made to try and alleviate this.


As you will all probably know by now, there have been plenty of issues surrounding the roll out of Neo by Yahoo.
It has not been discussed on this group, so if you want to know more check Central out, or this link
You can revert temporarily to the old format if you use the moderator plug in and update it.


I would like to edit a link how do I go about it? If you ask on any forum there will be someone who can do it.
If you want to access it yourself to do stuff you need to apply to Geeks @

Mobile app.

We’ve asked for a number of groups to trial a mobile app which Andrew Widgery of is developing to work with Freegle. This isn’t as good for Freegle as having a mobile app of our own, but we do not have the volunteers or money to do that at the moment, so this would be a way to get us a mobile story. Edward has met up with Andrew, and he seems a nice guy who’s keen to work with us.

Problems raised and fixed

A java application error pop up kept freezing on loading Yahoo groups, for some mods some of the time. Edward has done a fix, and we have not had any further issues unless you know better?
There are reports of some users receiving multiple Welcome messages. Edward is still investigating this.
Reports were received of people having trouble joining or saving settings, which were investigated. It is suspected it is people signing in using Facebook but not granting permission to access their email. A possible fix made is to tell people they need to enter an email and force them to do so. People are now doing that. If you've had any problems along these lines then please encourage people to try again.
Some replies to offers from FD members posts, contained lots of coding. This was promptly fixed .

Questions raised and answered.

Q.I have a member who has been trying to log into Direct so she can join the Royston group for a couple of weeks without success. Whenever she logs in the system tells her that her details are wrong. If she tries to rejoin it says she is already a member. She asked me to remove her completely today so she can start again. I removed her from the only group she is registered to but will this remove her membership so she can rejoin afresh?
A. No it leaves a bit behind at present. It seems like she is trying to use the Direct login, and she should be using the Google button as she has a google account.
Q. I got a message Freegle Direct has hit Google's limit on mapping. Please try in a few hours
A. We get a free limit per day, when it is hit there are no more requests allowed for a while.
Q. A member says she can’t see her photos when she posts to our group, but can on other groups.
A. You have your settings at email attachments are allowed, it should be ‘Store on site (exclude from emails).

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