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Freegle Tech Report October 2015
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Quiet. No problems. There are unlikely to be any major changes as we await the allocation of the work to develop a new independent Freegle platform.

Mobile App

It was seen and commented on that the stats given last month show a drop off rate of 42%. Stats show that this is normal and above average retention for apps.
A few new members a day do not receive the verification emails. It has been made easier for them to contact support, who then can verify their email addresses for them.
It was suggested that we could have a phone notification once a day to let members know how many new items there are. However as we would need something like push notifications to do this while logged out, which requires work on the server it will probably be left until we have the new platform.

Freegle Direct

On links like this:, analysis has shown that those clicking on them and then having to log in and join before reading often give up. A change has been made so that Insert non-formatted text hereThe member will see the message, and can enter a reply When the member clicks the button to send the reply, it will force a log in, then sign up to the relevant group if needed, and then sends the reply. If you don’t want your group to be able to do this, a setting will be put in for your group to opt out. Until then you can email and ask. Events
Q. I have someone who has put on a 6 week course of Yoga classes which are all listed separately and because our events are sparse this month they are all showing one under the other. Can we do something about this?
A. Sorry, we simply list all events in date order which may be yoga or any others that you have. It would require some cleverness to realise that the next 6 events are all the same thing and therefore can be listed once with several dates.

Message Maker

The MM will now look up a members "friendly name" in the FD database so emails received have a name rather than FBUser… If the member has opted to hide their name or their name is an email address then "A Freegler" is used instead. Yahoo and AOL members who have been issued with FB emails can log in at , click on Menu and Settings and pop in a ‘friendly name’ if they wish to.

Problems reported

When an event is edited in Chrome the formatting went wrong and the text spread to the left out of the white area.

This has been fixed.
We had several queries of members who can’t be found on a group but are still receiving emails. Please get them to forward one of the emails for checking, as often they have been sent to a different address or from a different group. Forward to if still unable to sort as they can check the main database, and request complete removal if necessary..

Questions Asked

Q Is there any way I can just email my Yahoo users (and not FD users)?

Only by making it a Yahoo autosend Admin. (Like the Yahoo monthly admins some groups send)

Q Does signing up for FD or the Mobile App creates a membership that can be used on either platform?

As long as they use the same email Yahoo or Facebook membership to sign in with on both.

Q A member has moved, she puts in her new postcode but it changes to her old one on the post.

It saves the last one used and will put it on by default, but members can change this.  

Q I thought we had filter to prevent inappropriate photos? Just had a photo of a sick child in bed attached to a post.

No as it would cost quite a bit for the software required.

Q. What’s the best way to unsubscribe someone who has two FD accounts? Is it better to delete their membership from Yahoo or is there another way? You can use Modtools or Q Can I change an incorrect location arrow on a post?

Not easily! You would have to format the post something like this

Useful email addresses, to report scammers. Please try and send with any emails and information you have. Any questions or comments about Freegle Direct, Facebook, Message makers or Mobiles.

Freegle Tech Group

October 15

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