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Freegle Tech Report February 2015
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Everything is very quiet on the server. There have been no problems and any new work has now ceased on the first version of Freegle Direct. Discussion is ongoing on the groups remit for the new Ltd company. We are also busy testing version 2 of Direct and also the new Mobile app. We would appreciate a few more as different phones and computer programs have to be catered for.

Mobile App

Recent Changes Made
FOP supported.
Post only cleared if successful.
Remove photo added.
Google and Yahoo signin and register added.
A leaf icon once you are signed in that takes you to a "tips" page that shows you up to 10 recent picture posts from the Freegle Facebook page
Accounts have been set up for the Google and Apple app stores for the mobile app. These will take time to come through. Eventually we should be able to give users the option of making a donation through an in-app purchase. Applied in the name of our new IPS Freegle Ltd.
Info about Freegle Ltd added here: in case anyone checks up on us.

To do List.

It would be useful for the mobile app to be able to store per-user mobile app-specific settings.
Need an additional text settings field.
It would be good practice to notify people when they change their FD email or password - in case someone else is trying to hijack their account. So, you'd need to mail the old email address for an email address and the current email address when the password is changed. There would need to be instructions to contact us if it wasn't legitimate.
Tell Central that they can test the app and report back here
Make membership verification link clickable

Freegle Direct

Some work has been done on the signin.
Support added for Yahoo signin.
Google added, using the new sign-in mechanism which replaces the one we use now on Direct which, has been showing warnings.
You can try it at: but feedback to Tech please.
iCurrent status here:


No further changes seem to have affected members this month. I see that moderators can now change members posting priviliges without going into the membership page.

Questions and Answers.

'Q Lots of events are for the 1st. Sunday 2nd Tuesday 3rd Thursday of the month etc. but there is no facility for this.
A Sorry I am not doing anymore coding on the present version of Direct.
Q. A member is getting Yahoo emails corrupted. They were fine until a few weeks ago.
A He was using and there is no way we can find out the cause.
Q. I’ve logged into modtools after a break - it is showing old items in pending, that aren't actually pending, how do I get rid of them?
A Just delete them.

Q. Unsubscribing from FD is not working for me. I left using the leave group button on FD and got a confirmation pop up. Signed into FD today and the group was back and I got another welcome message
A What link were you using to go back in? If you went to a link with "join" in it, it would rejoin you. If you use the Facebook button you need to unlike the Facebook page when you leave a group.

Q. A member changed his email address on Direct left the Yahoo groups and now want to use Yahoo. Can he do this.
A He needs to leave the groups on Direct he has an FB membership on and then join them again on Yahoo.

Tech Report
Feb 2015

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