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 Freegle Tech Report February 2014 Posts 13145-13247
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If you are interested in participating then you are welcome to join us, even if you only want to dip in and out. Mods are wanted who are willing to try out new stuff, test any tweaks done, or just comment - please come along.
Any Tech questions? Then this is the place to come.


Mostly quiet, no large publicity spikes and no real downtime.
Changing over the servers is ongoing and Paul has had a bit more time to spend on it now the elections are over.


Work has begun on setting up a Percona database cluster on the new servers and it’s progressing nicely. Also our .it domains ( and have been transferred to (where we have registered) to support required DNS changes).


Testing on the Android version of this app is still ongoing but it is hoped it will go live sometime in March. The app is designed to word on Android 4+, as it is very expensive and would cost more if it was designed for older models.


There was a problem with some groups posts not being published on their Twitter accounts. The problem has now been fixed but your account may need reauthorising. Please have a look at your account to see if recent posts have gone on. If not, and you don’t know how to reauthorise, then contact Jean at jean.quinn1 @ to have a look at it. If I set it up and you have forgotten your password, you can ask for a new one as they were all set up attached to the Yahoo owner address.

Wiki and ILoveFreegle websites

David has offered to change any broken links or perhaps clear up anything which seems confusing or out of date. Initially he is looking at the Modplug in Modtools links.

If you notice any incorrect links or find anything a bit confusing especially to do with this please mail him at .

Problems solved

It was mentioned that a moderator had not seen any spammers being removed by FD from his groups for a while.
On checking it was found that the app was still using the old mod spammers list. It has now been changed to the new modtools one.

Questions Answered:

Q.My posts are going on Facebook but on on Twitter, how do I get them on there.
A. Your group is still on RSS Graffiti, and it still posts to Facebook. However our app posts to Twitter accounts as changes to Facebook broke that part. Unfortunately there is no way at present to post to both as Facebook rules now mean that each post has to be individually authorised by the original poster.

Q.How do I change how my name displays when posting via Direct and why does it know my name when I use a different one attached to this account for posting?
A. If it knows about it, it will be because that's what Google gave when FD asked for your name and you gave permissions for it to have it. You can change it on your settings tab.

Q. I successfully made one post with a few items. Tried to make second similar; thought it hadn't gone off so repeated it - response was" you've just posted this, please wait" but no sign of it 14-ish hrs. later.
A. You are probably going to the Post tab, entering the text, then instead of clicking the "Freegle It" button, clicking "Post"
again. You need to scroll down.
Q. I keep finding the correct area and saving and it does not save on this one?
When it is mapped on an incorrect word, you have to put that in the disregard box or it won’t save.

Q. Whenever I post an event on my two groups one is refused by Yahoo with this comment: You may not cross-post a message to moderators of multiple groups simultaneously. Your message to the moderator of XXXXXX group was not delivered. Even if I wait a few minutes between. I don't understand why there would be connection between Community Events & Yahoo?
A. When you post a community event it sends an email to the -owner address to ask them to approve/reject it. Posting events to multiple groups sends multiple emails. Since the groups might have different owners there's no real way to avoid sending multiple emails.

Tech Report

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