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Freegle Tech Report November 2014
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We are still very quiet here which is good as it means everything is working fine and our very busy IT support staff can get on with their other commitments.

ICloud email service.

Is anyone using this service to receive their Freegle Direct posts and if so can you let us know if your are getting the verification and post emails please? Drop an email to support @ if you can help, as it is hard to answer queries when we are unable to access it ourselves.

Facebook and Freegle Direct.


The one on Facebook and Direct has not worked for a while now. We are thinking of having a tab with the top 10 questions we get asked, as too many just gets confusing. These seem to be the ones we get in Support most often. Does anyone think we have missed something they see often?
How do I post a taken message?
How do I unsubscribe?
How do I view photo’s?
How do I post an event?
How do I delete a Post or Event?
How do I join a group? [We get offers asking how to view a message to mailbox and they don’t belong to a group]
I don't have a reply box on my posts, can you put one on?
How to contact their group?
I see other posts without a name, how do I remove mine?


We have not seen any problems this month, so hopefully Google has sorted itself out.

Email Problems

Problems with members receiving posts and verification emails. .
We have had a fraction of the complaints of previous months, whilst Edward has been trialling alternative methods to get our mail past the Hotmail spam filters. Unfortunately these are proving costly, and unless the direct approach to Hotmail works, we may have to revert to accepting that either their users delivery, will be affected or that we will have to find the money to use third party filters.


No-one has yet been able to look into the events issue of not being able to be manually delete or amend them.  Luckily it is rare that one needs removing or amending..

Questions and Answers.

Q A moderator noticed a post did not go on direct after going on Yahoo.
A. Occasionally Yahoo fails to send out the message to Direct or it may get lost.
Q I changed the delivery setting for an FBUser to Individual Emails on 3 occasions in the last few days but it keeps reverting to No Emails.
A. Freegle Direct mail settings are controlled from the members own settings page. All FB members should be set to No Emails on Yahoo.
Q. I noticed in the last report the answer to the question about posting a taken if the post is no longer in the members my posts section, was to use the group message maker. The majority of Facebook members don't know their FB user id though.,
A. It doesn’t matter as long as they use the email address which is linked to their FB or Yahoo account, it will work.
Q.Posts are not deleting on FD. The cross flashes but nothing happens. Both myself and at least one of my mods are having the same problem.
A. If the moderator cog is on the tab then you should find it has been removed once you refresh the page.
Q. A member has commented on display of logo being elongated in the digests. Can this be fixed?
A. They can choose to get them without the logo from their settings tabs, but as this it is something which only happens with some
email providers and on some posts, it is too inconsistent to find an easy solution though...
Q. A message has just arrived telling me Freegle won’t take cross posted messages for events – is this a new development please?
A It is not a Direct message it must have been sent manually from a mod.
Q. Would you confirm that the joining date for FBuser is when the FBuser is approved, not the actual day the member joined and can be upto a few weeks ago depending on group
A Yes you are correct.

Freegle Tech.

Dec 1st 2014

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