Freegle Reps Report 2010-07-08

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This is a summary of the Reps activities since the last Reps report at the beginning of June 2010.


Cat went to Glastonbury and ran a specialist Freegle group as an experiment whilst there. Cat will be posting on structure and/or Central with feedback next month We discussed the new roles for each Working Group, and whether the Group Owners of each WG should be the Co-ordinator, Deputy Co-ordinator & Spokesperson. We discussed the Reps contributing to the Reps remit. Wrap contacted us (WRAP project- estimating the value and impact of reuse). This will give Freegle useful info and raise our profile.

We discussed the Freegle Governing Document and the Reps Working Practices. We liaised with Chris Cant (Penrith) and Jean Quinn (Trafford) about appointing a Photo Curator. The Photo Curator's job will be to check permissions and collate photos etc. Jean has kindly volunteered to do this, with assistance from Chris. Cat (Brighton), Ollie (Leeds) and Kath (Huddersfield) attended the eWell-Being Awards Ceremony in Leeds on the 16th of June 2010, as representatives of Freegle. Freegle won joint first place with Carbon Makeover in the "Building Community Networks" category. We discussed and decided on our response to Mark's resignation message to Central -

We discussed setting up a Freegle Reps Cafe group, but have decided against this for now.

We were asked by Ray Owen (Freegle Returning Officer) to comment on a draft letter for nominations for an Ombudsman. There were minor edits made before the draft was sent back to Ray. We discussed and decided that we shouldn't accept Paul's resignation as a Freegle Rep. We discussed and decided that we shouldn't accept Mark's resignation as a Freegle Rep. We discussed the possibility of using instant messenger (IM) every fortnight, to see where we are at, conclude outstanding stuff and see where we need to go next, we will make a decision on this after further discussion on the practicalities of it.

We discussed having and making use of a task list on Central, no conclusion was reached. A thread will be started on Central shortly, to ask for input on this topic.

We discussed the appointment of a Deputy Returning Officer. Ray Owen (Returning Officer) chose the runner up in the election, Stuart Fraser (North Shropshire) as his Deputy Returning Officer.

We discussed the problems relating to the set up of the South Derbyshire Freegle group. One of the Reps (Mark) was contacted with regards to this. Hopefully all the problems are now resolved.

We have reviewed and given feedback to Jacky on the Appeals and Mediation draft document. We decided that publishing the individual Reps poll results on a monthly basis might make it difficult for Reps to vote freely while acting collectively, but that members should have access to this information before an election to inform their choices about who to vote for.

We voted on the Freegle Finance Policy and Procedures to go to Structure for review. We decided on a short piece from Freegle Reps to go in the FreeSpOut Newsletter. We discussed having a Rep on each Working Group as a link between the Reps and the Working Group so that work is not endlessly repeated. This will be implemented shortly.

Paul liaised with the new Group Launch Co-ordinator, Tom (Cramlington) to set up the official Group Launch Co-ordinator email address. The Reps are of the view that we have spent far too much time on issues related to the Freegle internal organisation, rather than on areas which will help Freegle grow and become more successful. We expect that the procedures which Structure have put in place will help reduce this and help to save more stuff from landfill. Regards Kath. On behalf of the Freegle Reps. Cat, Edward, Jane, Kath, Ollie, Paul & Sian.

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