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National Poll held over a period of 21 days from Monday 25th November 2013.


The majority of Freegle Volunteers who voted in the FreegleUK Central poll ending 11th September 2013 voted that Freegle should change from being an unincorporated association to be an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS). This now needs to be confirmed by a full national poll.

The rationale and details of this change are contained in the report:

The changes require the establishment of the IPS and then the dissolution of FreegleUK as per section 14 of the constitution with all Freegle assets and operations transferred to the IPS.

The new IPS will be called Freegle Limited and will governed by the proposed rules here:

As this proposal is a constitutional change, it can only be adopted if supported by 66% of those who vote in this national poll.


All Freegle Volunteers are eligible to vote in this poll. However to ensure that all voters are eligible, we need some verification information.

Please enter the name of the Freegle group that you moderate on and consider to be your main group: Please provide the email address that you use to moderate on the group named above:


That Freegle establishes Freegle Limited, an Industrial and Provident Society for Community Benefit and that Freegle is dissolved with the assets and operations of Freegle transferred to Freegle Limited.

Yes, I agree that Freegle should become an IPS in this way
No, I disagree that Freegle should become an IPS

Click here to vote.  The poll closes at the end of 15 December 2013.


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