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Posted on Central 13th March 2016

Freegle Funding report 11/01/16 - 10/03/16, covering messages 490 – 553

We have 55 members as at 10/03, anyone else very welcome! Huge thanks are due to Chris Cant who has taken a lead on almost all of the items listed. Topics discussed as follows:

Project Summary

It was suggested that we have brief summaries for all the projects that we would like to get funds. A document that lists these suggestions is here:

Please feel free to add any further ideas or activities that have brought in funds for your local group.

Scottish groups – Climate Challenge Fund publicised

Deadline now past.

Freegle National Officer funding

Chris did a lot of work on finding potential funding sources for £130k to employ a Freegle national officer for three years. He identified the Tudor Trust and the Esmee Fairbarn Foundation as possibilities, and proceeded with an application to the Tudor Trust. There was a lot of discussion within the group and the revised basis for the application is here:

Greggs Foundation Environmental Grants

From £2,500 to £10,000 –with more chance of success in an area where Greggs operate. Ann from Leeds said she would possibly apply.

Business Plan

Chris has tweaked this again and version 3 is here.

Various comments were subsequently made from group members; Jackie felt it was important to add in the commitment and diversity of our volunteers. It was also felt that we should try to include more user comments, which will come through the new modtools.

Project Dirt

Chris ran a successful Lottery funded project in Cumbria, which resulted in a long but useful report. The main point raised is how we can better support our volunteers.

Cumbria County Council

CCC is running a community waste prevention grant. Chris applied to:

  • A) Run 4 "Give & Take" events across Eden District where items are given and received free
  • B) Produce a fortnightly blog for the local paper and/or online, detailing items available on the group with reuse ideas.
  • C) Find & list local alternatives to Freegle, ie furniture reuse, charity & second hand shops
  • D) Produce a short report for other Freegle groups showing the success of the publicity.

General Funding Outline Document

Following an enquiry from an Essex council regarding WEEE items kept from waste, Chris wrote up this useful document, which has since been shown to contacts at DEFRA. It would be great if this could be taken up locally by a Freegle group in Essex. In the meantime, Jackie has also used it in her approach to Streetlife, who responded positively to our approach.

If you've stayed with us this far, why not think about joining the Freegle Funding Group?

Lewes and Funding