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The facility of posting Direct events is available to all members who have joined a community via

The events are shown on the side panel to the right of the posts.
They cannot be shown to Facebook users because the side panel stuff is kept by them for advertising. However, Facebook users will get sent a notification each time one is posted.

Moderators receive an email to the owner address so that they can verify the post before allowing it.
It is good practice for moderators to keep this mail in a folder, as if you later decide to remove it, you can just click on the refuse link within it.

Communities which are also on Facebook can access the events to edit or delete them themselves. 

Wiki edit events.jpg

To do this they have to be an admin on the Facebook page and log in via Freegle Direct by clicking on the log in with Facebook option.

This verifies their entitlement to alter things. 

You should arrive at the Direct page but see cogs next to any community you are an admin on. See screenshot.

You should also see when you click on the community you wish to alter the events with a big cross to delete and a small pencil top right to edit them. Click on this and it will take you to the form to alter anything you wish. 
If you are not on Facebook and want it  removed before the expiry date and don't have this email then please mail
Alterations should be resubmitted and the original deleted.

For an example Admin notice for your members about the Events facility see Freegle Direct Events Admin.

For more answers to your questions about Events, have a look at Freegle Direct Moderator FAQ