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  Moderator Questions.

Q. How do I deal with Wall posts?

A. You should get an email to your owner address, you need to log into the page to reply. 

Q. I am sending out requests for locations to Facebook users but they never reply.

A. They will not receive the emails, unless you are sending out to a membership which has been assigned.

Those in pending are never assigned, nor the remainer of the 10 pre approved memberships held by the app.

Others, you can use the up to date Moderator plug in to find their email address once they have been allocated. You can then mail them directly or through the app.

Q. Can I mail FB/FD members?

A. See the answer above.

Q. How can I see their email addresses?

A. By using the up to date Moderator plug in and making sure it refreshes daily. Click on the Freegle button on the 1st page.

A. By going to the app settings page and scrolling to the bottom of the page. There is a function to mail list to owner.

Q. I have downloaded the member list and can't understand it?

A. Copy it and paste it into a spreadsheet. Click on Dats and choose text to columns. Use the comma as a delimiter. It should then be nice and tidy.

You can keep it and add columns for further information if you like.

Q. How do I change my groups settings?

A.If you have a Facebook account you need to click on the post box, and then on edit group settings. You will go to the app and can amend them. Remember to save them and to return the verification email.

A. Direct. If your group is only using Freegle Direct, you should keep a note of your groups settings page. If you haven't done so it will be .     Put your group name as it is on the Yahoo URL after =

Q. How do I ban an FB user?

A. You can't pre ban people. You can ban them once they have liked the page.

From your Page:
Click the like this link or Insights tab in the left-hand column.
Click See Likes in the top-right corner. For Pages with the new timeline design, open your admin panel and click See All in the New Likes section.
Select the X next to the name of the person you wish to ban.
Check the Ban Permanently box.
Click Okay.
From a Wall (timeline) post:
Click next to a post by the person you wish to ban
Click Delete Post...
Select Delete and Ban User
From a comment:
Click the X next to a comment by the person you wish to ban
Select Delete Comment...
Choose Delete and Ban User
You can always view a list of the people banned from your Page via the See Likes link on the Likes tab of your Page Insights or the See All link next to New Likes in your admin panel. Simply select the Banned filter from the top-left dropdown menu after clicking the link.

To clear them from the app you need to take them off your Yahoo group and when you next update your settings, via the Mod plug in they will be removed.



Member Questions.

Q. How do I join on Facebook?

You have to do two things to join. Like the page and authorise the app. To join a specific group you will either join it because you are going via the group page or link or will use the Map tab to find your nearest groups.

If you go to the join via a link you will be prompted to like the page.

If you go to the page first there will be a like button at the top centre for you to click on. If you can't see it you must have liked it already.

Click on posts> see more posts, and authorize the app to access to your details. ( It wants an email address and name, so it can send you stuff and it also does keep a record of other pages you have liked so that it can use the details to keep your own account upto date.)

You will go through to what you can regard as your own page. 

Members Freegle page

You will have a tab for "My Settings".  This is for location, digest options, both frequency and contents, Whether you only see recent posts,

My groups lets you just choose to look at items for just one group if you are on more. Find a group is a map function page. You can pop your postcode in and get your 5 nearest groups. Probably not all will be accessible from Facebook as it is the Moderators choice.

You will also get an icon on your own Facebook group. It will be visible from the home tab on the left. You can use this to go in and out of your Freegle page and do not need to go through the Facebook page.

Q. How do I leave a Facebook Group?

Click on the group tab of of group you wish to leave and underneath is: Click on the third here to leave the group.

Fb leave group.png

It will ask you to unlike the page too which is pretty easy.. If you don't unlike the page you will see the yellow bar shown in the first shot.

Q. How do I join Freegle Direct?

If you have the link, you just go to the URL and either use your Google, Yahoo or Facebook login in to join up. If you are already a member with the same email address, it should recognise you and let you straight in. Otherwise it will want you to authorise access.

For other email addresses you need to register first. There is a simple box to fill in, and then you have to return a verification email. After that just log in when you want access.

If you don't have a link, go to put in your postcode or group and see if it has the green freegle logo. If it doesn't it is not yet on Direct. You can you the envelope icon to ask the group moderators if they will be getting it. If it is click on the logo.

Q. How do I leave Freegle Direct?

When you are signed in and looking at a groups posts,

Leave direct.png

You will see on the left hand side an option to leave the group.

Click on it and the tab will disappear from your list of groups when you

refresh the page...

Q. I have left the group and I am still getting Direct Digests.

A. These are not stopped for Yahoo members unless you use the latest moderator plug in and have synced it to update . There is now a Freegle button on the first page of the plug in and you should have it set to sync at least every 24hours. Please ensure all moderators are using the same version.
Otherwise advise member to go into her "my settings" tab and untick the option for Digests.

Q. How do I reply to a post on Facebook/Direct?

A. You should not use the Wall. You can either reply from your email address via the post mail, or go to your Freegle page, find the post and click on reply.

There is an autoresponder option. If you tick the box in the group settings it will put a post on the wall for you with your contact address..

Q. Why am I getting two mails about each post?

A. Your group has probably opted to trial the new digest and you are a member on the Yahoo group too. This is a new format developed by our geeks. Many of us prefer it as it makes it clear when a post has been taken. It also give you links to repost items or put a similar post on and gives you more control over how often you get messages. Just click on the preferred options. If you don't intend to use Yahoo anymore to post and respond from, you can leave that group and do all your freegling from Facebook or Direct.

Q. Why can't I click on the links (they don't work)

A. Some members have their email settings so that they strip out links from emails. Most mail has options for rich text or someother choice of setting which will show them. If you use Outlook express or some other email client then it may be the setting there. There should be a url showing you can cut and paste if the links don't work.

Q. How do I change my digest settings?

A. Either click the appropriate link in a post, or log in and go to the "My Settings tab.

Q. I clicked on a link to allow my posts to be on Facebook and I want to change it.

A. Anytime you want to change something then go to republisher.

Q. I have stopped all reminders and I only meant to stop it for one.

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