Freegle Board Minutes 29 July

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Meeting of Directors of Freegle Limited held on 29 July 2015 at 7.15 by Skype Chat


Alison Redway, Cat Fletcher, Edward Hibbert, Jacky Barrett, Ollie Clark, Andy Ludlow and Tina Willcox


John Carroll

Chairman: Edward Hibbert


Edward has a number of relevant interests; Director of Recycling Lives A financial interest in Careicon, a charitable fundraising venture from which Freegle benefits. He will not receive any financial benefit from Careicon for donations made via this route to Freegle.

Trustee of Volunteer Centre Edinburgh.

(New) Trustee of the Congenital Anaemia Network.

This section should be moved into a separate document with additions for other Board members. Action on Edward.


No real change. .

Highest risks are loss of individuals, vulnerability of technical infrastructure, and inconsistency of service.


Cat - Can Nimber provide a free reward for moderators to encourage uptake? Yes Cat to follow up about rewards, partnership and enewsletter on phonecall with Nimber




Funds from this source will wind down for a bit as we’re not promoting it as the donation mechanism from FD. As notified, Edward has conflicts of interest here. There may from time to time be funds available on Careicon which can be claimed by Freegle, but it would not be in Careicon’s interest for all of them to be claimed by Freegle. Edward therefore may not alert Freegle to available funds.

Discussed opportunity to raise donations via Sainsbury’s Card. Agreed on step by step plan.

Suggested that we need fundraising guidelines. To be raised on Development group


Financial Update for Freegle IPS Board

Reserves : Jane has agreed that £1k is reasonable to keep as a planned reserve in the accounts, this will allow payment of essential expenses for a year. Propose the Board accepts that recommendation. (Jacky added this item, Finance Procedures requires Board to consider this annually)

Agreed to hold £1k of reserves as per Jane’s recommendation (Treasurer for Freegle UK)

Board Secretary

Cat took notes for these minutes

Company Secretary

We have 108 members and 11 pending (reminders sent). Andy following up. No new applications since 29th May 2015. We discussed whether we could provide a free reward for members to encourage uptake. It may be possible to do something with Nimber. Action on Cat.

Chef Technology Officer

Continuation of the DMARC issues and yahoo mail unreliability. Edward trying to negotiate better hosting options via Bytemark. Agreed to write nice article to thank Bytemark (they provide over £1k per month of hosting for free)


Cat talking with Nimber Also looking into digital apprenticeships, needs to organise meeting with Friday Ad, needs to do media report for Central. No time to do any more social media. Discussed potential patrons, needs to hand over Freegle business cards to Sally (Bexley) with guidelines and procedures. Edward- We could automatically offer business cards to people who post community events. Requires some geek work.

Volunteer Support

Health and Safety

Nothing to report.


Development group are voting at present on suggested wording for tendering procedures. Fundraising was mentioned in those discussions; if the Board wishes there to be any guidelines for national fundraising, it could be added to the task list for Development?

Agreed review of election procedures needed – it has been added to the Development task list.

The review of the wiki to ensure compliance with Freegle Ltd has been completed.


Discussed how to sort out AGM and external board members.


Wednesday 26 August at 7.15pm.


We agreed by unanimous vote on the group: Minutes of previous meeting (24th June)

Board Meeting Timetable and Minutes 2015