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Freegle Ltd is an UK umbrella organisation protecting the environment by promotion and support of online local communities which facilitate the reuse of items. Our ethos continues from Freegle UK to support active participation in local and the wider community, caring for the environment and each other within a democratic and inclusive organisation.

The aims of Freegle are to:

  • a. promote the keeping of usable items out of landfill
  • b. promote and support local Freegle communities working in the area of reuse
  • c. empower and support volunteers working for local Freegle communities
  • d. inform and educate the public about environmental matters related to the reuse and recycling of unwanted usable goods
  • e. promote sustainable waste management practices

These aims are included and form the basis of our Rules Rules#Rule_4:_OBJECTS

In order to fulfil these aims we intend to:

  • a. run the Freegle websites and ensure that affiliated communities abide by minimum standards.
  • b. admit and maintain a list of affiliated communities and provide a point of contact and support for Freegle Members, volunteers and users.
  • c. facilitate mutual support and technical help for communities, Members and volunteers and develop suitable resources for use by volunteers, such as handbooks.
  • d. manage central PR and marketing and maintain an up to date information centre.
  • e. speak on behalf of all local Freegle communities within an approved mandate.

We have the Our Aims document that outlines the national and local hopes and expectations.