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FreebieJeebies is a site which shows its users how to get things for free. The method used is for them to obtain referrals from others and then they will receive free gifts. Some of those users do that by using online groups like ours to scam members to click on their links through offering items in messages and then directing them to FreebieJeebies.

The FCModSpammers administrators have talked to FreebieJeebies (August 2010). They have stated that doing the above is in breach of sections V.(c) and > V.(h) of their Terms and Conditions [1], but that they have no fully automated method that the ModPlugin spamadmins can currently use to submit them. However, they have provided the following information:

If a scammer is found, forward them a copy of the post made, together with the referral link which is either in the post or returned by the auto-responder, to They will then close the persons account as a breach of the T+Cs, losing them any credit they may have earned, and preventing them from gaining further credit.

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