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Freegle has set up a variety of methods to accept donations. On the website there is a 'donate' page which anyone can access and use.

Freegle is registered with the HMRC (Charity number XT32865) as charitable for tax purposes, which means we can use the Gift Aid scheme [1] to reclaim the tax that individuals have paid on their donation.

The selection of ways for Freegle to accept donations are given on the website at More info on each is below. Most of our donations come via PayPal Donate - this is the one where testing shows that more people complete their donations.

Here is a diagram which shows what happens


The full size diagram is here, and the Canva version, for editing, is here


Confusingly, there are two donation methods:

Bank Transfer

We can accept donations straight into the Freegle bank account. Our Treasurer is able to do the paperwork for Gift Aid if that is applicable. The Unity bank account details for transfer are:

  • Name of account: FREEGLE LTD
  • Sort code: 60-83-01
  • Account number: 20339094

(a recognisable reference - eg email address used for freegling - is very helpful on the transfer)

Please note: In June 2020 a new system of checking was implemented for some banks, called Confirmation of Payee. Statement from Unity: Unity is not implementing this service initially – this is only a requirement for the ‘big six’ banks.
The new payment rules will apply if you’re receiving a payment into your Unity account for the first time from a customer who has an account with one of the participating banks.

When making the payment to your Unity account, your customer will be shown a message to explain that no name check has been possible because the recipient doesn’t offer Confirmation of Payee. The payment can still go ahead, but your customer may be asked to check that all details are correct before proceeding.

We can also accept cheques, which can be sent to the Treasurer directly. Email for details.


Everyclick offers:

  • acceptance of one off donations.
  • a web search, powered by Yahoo, and access to all eBay content. Supporters sign up and commission is generated for Freegle by searching; there is no cost to the supporter.
  • Give As You Live shopping facility. Thousands of stores will donate money to Freegle when supporters shop online. (see below)
  • individual fundraising pages, where Freegle supporters can encourage friends and family to donate or shop with Give As You Live.
  • claiming back Gift Aid on behalf of Freegle.
  • acceptance of payment by credit or debit card.

There was no registration fee for Everyclick; transaction fees for donations vary according to the credit/debit card used in the range 4-4.8%. [2]

Give As You Live

works by individuals registering with the system, then it sits in the background and pops up a banner on shopping sites that have signed up to them. When a purchase is made, an amount (it varies from site to site) is then credited to the charity that the individual has nominated. Although the amounts might only be small for each purchase, the combined amounts raised by supporters can really make a difference to Freegle finances - and at no cost to the supporters.


(message posted to Central by the Edward, 5.5.17 [3]

Savoo is a voucher code site with 1.1 million members - you get voucher codes from there to get discounts on things you buy. Fairly recently they have started to raise funds for charities, so that when you buy using their voucher codes, some money goes to a charity you support. This is quite similar to Give As You Live - GAYL is coming from the charity perspective and heading towards voucher codes, and Savoo is heading the other way. GAYL has the toolbar which reminds you to benefit your charity, though, which is nice.

After discussion with them and the Board, I've set us up on Savoo and added a link to them on We're not intending to actively promote Savoo to our members, because GAYL is probably better for us (because of the toolbar). But Savoo will promote us on their homepage and their newsletter, and we may pick up some supporters and members that way who we would otherwise not have reached.

If you want to register to support Freegle and see if there are any useful voucher codes, go via

Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) offers:

  • acceptance of one off donations.
  • option to donate anonymously.
  • mechanisms for individuals to set up a legacy.
  • mechanisms for individuals to set up a charitable trust.
  • Give As You Earn facility, a way to make regular donations from an individuals' salary. (see [4] for explanation)
  • a Charity Account for individuals, allowing donations via vouchers, phone and online.
  • claiming back Gift Aid on behalf of Freegle.
  • acceptance of payment via credit or debit card, PayPal, CAF Charity Account or CAF Charitable Trust.

Freegle has registered as a recognised charity with CAF. There was no registration fee; transaction fees vary from 5% for a one off straight donation to 4% or less for donations via their charity account etc.

Charities Trust Charities Trust is a national Payroll Giving and corporate donation management agency.

Charities Trust offers:

  • acceptance of one off donations.
  • I Love Payroll Giving scheme.
  • a Freedom Account for individuals.
  •, a fundraising by sponsorship facility.
  • claiming back Gift Aid on behalf of Freegle.
  • acceptance of payment by credit or debit card.

Freegle has registered as a recognised charity with Charities Trust. There was no registration fee; transaction fees vary, maximum 4%.

Github Github is where open source code gets stored. They have a scheme for people to sponsor open source code by making regular donations; Freegle signed up for the scheme in February 2021.


Users of Ebay can nominate Freegle as their favourite charity and donate to or sell goods in aid of Freegle. Our page is here .

Ebay ran two competitions in 2016 an 2017 (Ebay My Favourite Charity) and we were fortunate to receive a prize in both years.


This is a donation matching site that some employers offer their employees. We have managed to get donations from the US Benevity programme, but not the UK one. In the UK we need to give evidence of Charity Commission registration (which we can't do) whilst the US site accepts HMRC charitable registration (which we do have).

Supporter Tag

If we can identify a member who has donated to Freegle, we add a brown 'supporter' tag to their profile. It stays on the profile for at least 60 days from the date of donation.

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