December 2010 Poll

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December 2010 Poll

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Poll announcement: [1]

Document Links

These are the documents we would like you to read;

Finance Management and Controls

Freegle Reps Role and Remit

Election and Poll Procedures

Freegle Working Groups Role and Remit


If you have questions on any of the above documents, please raise them with one of the following;

Central or

Structure Group or

Returning Officer


Announced on Central, message no.18606 [2]

With 111 confirmed voters participating, the results of the recent National Poll regarding Acceptance of Documents and National Volunteers were as follows

Q1/ Financial Management and Controls
For 93 (84%)
Against 3
Abstain 15
therefore this document is accepted as written

Q2/ Freegle Reps role and remit
For 99 (89%)
Against 3
Abstain 9
therefore this document is accepted as written

Q3/ Election and Poll Procedures
For 102 (92%)
Against 0
Abstain 9
therefore this document is accepted as written

Q4/ Freegle Working Groups role and remit
For 96 (86%)
Against 4
Abstain 11
therefore this document is accepted as written

Q5/ National Volunteers

Can Freegle have members (with voting rights, rights to membership of central groups and ability to stand for elected positions) who are not volunteers or moderators on a local affiliated group, but who volunteer at a national level? The precise details of how this would work will be developed by the Structure Group.
For 65 (61%)
Against 27
Abstain 14
No Answer 5
therefore the majority of Freegle members agree to the principles of having National Volunteers but Structure must now develop the precise details of how this will work.

There were a variety of Comments left, which are available for perusal on Structure (Message #7004)

Thank you to everyone who took part, your input as volunteers is very much appreciated.

Ray Owen Returning Officer

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