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These are sample Admin messages you could use to send to your community.


Software and other forms of media are subject to Copyright agreements. This message serves to clarify our stance on the distribution of computer software, CDs, DVDs and recorded music via our community.

Software -- The software being gifted should be:

1. Ideally the original software, not a copy. 2. No longer be used by any previous owner.

Music, Videos, Books and other copyrighted works should be: 1. Original 2. No longer be used by any previous owner.

These are not YourCommunityNameHere policies but regulations pertaining to copyright. If you do have software you no longer use, it is uninstalled and you are no longer using it and it meets EULA requirements for transfer, please feel free to post an OFFER or a WANT, making note of system requirements (Operating System, memory requirement, etc) needed to run it.

It is entirely up to the individuals concerned whether they choose to abide by this copyright advisory. YourCommunityNameHere will not be held accountable if you fall foul of Bill Gates and his computer police :)



Please be aware that one of our basic rules is that items offered or requested *must be legal*. This includes copyright considerations on items such as computer software, music and films/TV programmes.

You should not pass on original copyrighted material if you retain a copy yourself, either on CD (or similar) or digitally. Nor should you pass on copies of copyrighted material. For computer software, you should check the terms of your licence agreement, but apart from "freeware", "shareware" or "open source" material, it is almost certain that you should remove all traces from your own system before passing it on. If you hold a valid licence for something but have lost or damaged the original media, please contact the manufacturer.

It is acceptable to pass on used media as long as you offer them as such, e.g. CD-ROMs, CDs, video and audio tapes, etc. Offers should

  • not* be based on the content of the media.

Please respect this rule, as it would be a serious threat to the future of re-cycling communities worldwide if they became a forum for copyright theft. We are aware that a small number of items which contravene this rule have slipped through in the past, but we do our best to ensure no items are passed on illegally.

If you are the recipient of an item which you believed would be original and was being legally offered, but it turns out to be illegal in some way, please inform the moderators.

Thanks everyone for your understanding and co-operation on this important issue.

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