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Contact Lenses

The sale and supply of Contact Lenses is governed by the 1989 Optician's Act

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It is illegal to sell or supply contact lenses without being a qualified Optician.

The relevent section of the act is the description of the "Seller" :

(i) includes any person who supplies the optical appliance or, as the case may be, the zero powered contact lens whether or not payment is made to him for the supply;

Therefore unless the Freegler offering contact lenses is an Optician, it would be illegal.

Contact Lens Solutions

Robert, Leeds, conducted some local research and concluded that contact lens solution isn't something that should be offered or requested on our communities.

"However after speaking to several opticians (Boots, Specsavers and some independents) to get a wide range of answers, the overwhelming answer was to dispose of it even if it is unopened and within expiry date. They class it as a medical item so they advised it should not be given away by the public. There are different kinds of solution and the optician would recommend which to use, so they could end up with something unsuitable. The British Contact Lens Association website says expired solution, and lenses, must be discarded, with a few other sources saying that use of expired solution can cause infection."

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