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This Admin is a reminder about how to arrange safe collection of offers.

"With everyone living busy lives, we know it is often more convenient to arrange to leave things in an accessible place to be collected and some people prefer to do this, even when at home for personal safety reasons, or to avoid unnecessary contact due to Covid-19.

We urge members to try to take precautions to prevent their goods being taken by anyone other than those who have arranged to collect them. We suggest that you try to arrange a collection time when the item will only be outside for as short a time as possible. Also maybe think of leaving the item somewhere accessible to others but not immediately visible to passers-by – for example, inside a recycling bin [don’t do this on your Council collection day!]. If items for more than one collector are visible we recommend labelling each item.

It goes without saying that if you are collecting items which have been left out for you to only take those which have been promised to you. Taking anything else amounts to theft.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact your volunteers at

Thank you for being a member of XXXX Freegle"

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