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It's possible to close a community to posting. Currently this is aimed at COVID-19 restrictions.

You can do this from ModTools->Settings->Community Settings->Features for Members->Closed for COVID

When a community is closed, the following are disabled:

  • Posting to the community
  • Replying to posts on the community
  • What's New or individual post emails
  • "Chase up" emails asking what happened to posts
  • Emails about nearby posts
  • Volunteer Opportunity digest emails
  • Community Event digest emails
  • Tweets about events, volunteer opportunities and posts

Any posts which somehow sneak through should end up in Pending, and can be rejected from there.

If notified, Andrew can stop messages being posted via TrashNothing.

Still checking on TN replies to posts.

On the site, people will see a message like this in various places:


The following are still active:

  • ADMINs.
  • Joining/leaving communities.
  • Chat between members, including email notifications.
  • ChitChat, including emails to members of nearby chitchat posts.
  • ModMails to members.
  • Auto-reposts. The posts will get "bumped" as normal, but people won't be able to reply to them and they won't get emailed out. This avoids a flood of posts when the community re-opens.