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This is an example Admin message that might be good to send out early December:

ADMIN: What I really want for Christmas

Dear all,

You are receiving this email because you are a member of xxxx Freegle.

Christmas is coming, and it's time to get the decorations down from the loft, check through the cutlery and crockery, and plan where Auntie Agnes is going to sleep this year. When you're up in the loft, if you find things you don't need any more, rather than just shoving them back up a box, why not offer them to someone else on Freegle?

After Christmas, if there are things that you've replaced, or even Christmas gifts that just don't quite hit the spot, please do offer them on Freegle rather than send them to the tip - they just might brighten up someone's New Year!

Thanks for supporting us at xxxx Freegle through 2015 – we've come a long way from the X messages posted in our first month in 20xx. The board now regularly sees xxxx messages each month and by our estimates we've kept nearly xxxx kg from landfill in just the last month! (equivalent to xxx grandfather clocks).

We have over xxxx members – but that means there's still over xxxx people in xxxx who have yet to start freegling - please spread the word. You can use the 'invite' button on Freegle Direct to invite all your friends and family to Freegle - there's an option to link them with their local community if they don't live nearby.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great Freegling New Year,

xxxx The xxxx Volunteer Moderators

P.S. If you have any problems or questions just reply to this email.

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