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Freegle UK Central: Summary of items of interest

February 2016 (533 members, 385 posts)

Nimber (see message 57508 and following)

Nimber https://www.nimber.com/ generated by far the greatest number of posts on a single topic in February with a lot of heartfelt opinions expressed on both sides. Those in favour thought it important in principle to be able to offer a delivery option for members, while those against were concerned, among other things, about what would happen if a collection/delivery failed. If a link-up between Freegle and Nimber IS negotiated, groups will be able to opt out if they wish. As part of the discussion, it was pointed out that local groups could develop their own arrangements to promote local delivery options – e.g. ‘men with vans’...

Courier scam news

There were very few scam offers brought to the attention of Central in February – just the good old chainsaw and electric bike.

Streetlife (see message 57689 and following)

Streetlife https://www.streetlife.com/ describes itself a ‘social network for local communities’. Many members of Central reported that their local streetlife groups often have posts offering items for sale or free, so it could be a useful way of promoting Freegle. Have a look!

Freegling rail tickets

There was quite a long discussion about whether it is OK to allow posts offering rail tickets. According to rail companies, technically rail tickets are non-transferable, but most people thought it was up to individual groups whether to allow them or not. (It was pointed out though that if a ticket has been bought using a rail card, then the rail card needs to be shown.)

Vaping products

There was another quite long discussion about whether to allow e-cigarettes or vaping products. It was pointed out that it is illegal for under-18s to buy or sell e-cigs or vapour fluids, but the same applies to knives etc. Again, it is up to individual groups to decide whether to allow them or not.

Managing social media activity (see message 57816)

The Board asked for expressions of interest for a paid activity to manage Social Media activity, with responses to be in by end of 5 March (too late for this summary unfortunately).

New version of ModTools (see message 57852)

The new version of ModTools is now live. Thanks Edward!

Working group reports

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Other reports

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Liz S

March 2016