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We mutually support each other in Freegle. Each of the volunteers of Freegle affiliated groups are valued equally in our organisation. However, we all have different skills and experience and we have and are evolving systems and procedures that make it easier to find help and support.

General Everyday Stuff

For queries about everyday running of your groups, ask questions on Central Groups or the Working Groups. A wide variety of people are there who are pleased to share their experiences and advice.

One to One Help

If you are a new group and would like a more personal approach to help you through those early days, then the Mentor Team is there to offer help and support. Mentor Team Remit Just email:mentors@ilovefreegle.org

Friendly Contact

If you would like to speak to someone who can perhaps point you in the right direction for help without having to post a message on a large group, the Mailbox team at info@ilovefreegle.org could help. The Freegle Mailbox Guidelines explains the parameters they, and other Freegle email mailboxes, work within.

Mediation and Appeals

Recognising that sometimes issues arise that need a formal and confidential route, we offer a Complaints Procedure.

This is provided as a more formal way of resolving disputes between various parties within Freegle. We work collaboratively, so there are informal support mechanisms in place, from talking things over with your fellow volunteers (or long suffering spouse or partner!), or bringing issues onto the Freegle central or working groups. But sometimes we recognise that issues escalate and there might be a need for third party help. This is the point the Complaints Procedure might help.

The process of the Complaints Procedure is not one envisaged to be taken lightly, but it has been agreed necessary in order that everyone feels they have had a fair hearing.

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