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The Rules/Guidelines below were agreed by the Mentors and Development Group to be the set of common rules to be used for all communities being run by a Caretaker. (see Caretaker Groups)


Welcome to the xxxxx Freegle community. Please take a moment to read all of this message carefully, so that you get the best out of your membership.

Please remember the main purpose of this site is to keep stuff out of landfill so please only offer actual items, do not offer or ask for services or vouchers. This service is run by volunteers and is contributed to by real people so please always be polite and collect items at the agreed time.

To learn more about Freegle communities, please visit the Freegle website:

To see how to post, please read the frequently asked questions on our Freegle help page:

Remember all items must be offered free with no strings attached and they must be legal.

Keep your item description short, the main body of the post can be used to describe your item in more detail.

In addition, these are the the local rules of the xxxxxx Freegle community:

  • Please wait 7 days before repeating a wanted post.
  • Never sell items you got from Freegle without the permission of the person who gifted it to you.
  • Pets - (please add the existing policy here.)
  • No vouchers or coupons, paid for tickets only are allowed to be offered.
  • Not too much personal info. Please do not post phone numbers, addresses or personal circumstances. These details can be given privately to the person you choose to deal with.
  • Please be mindful of copyright laws when gifting copyright items such as CDs, DVDs, videos and computer/gaming programs

If you are collecting for a charity, please provide a charity number or evidence that you are working on behalf of the charity and please don't post details of your charity's events when requesting items on their behalf. You can post charity events on our community events feature of Freegle Direct


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