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There is a company called Bakers Basco which supplies baskets for use by some of the major bread producers. These baskets are theirs and are only supposed to be used by licensees, and for the transport of bread. They have a national asset recovery team which locates misappropriated equipment and uses negotiation, education, collection and, where necessary, legal enforcement to reclaim assets and financial losses. To date, the division has undertaken close to 62,000 investigations and recovered over 2 million baskets and wheels.

An article about this is here -

There are other manufacturers of bread baskets that don't work with the same critera.

The bottom line for Freegle is that it is illegal to allow offers and requests for Basco baskets, but it seems to be acceptable for other makes. We can't police this, so if baskets get offered on your group, it is wise to check that the offering person has made genuine attempts to get the company that delivered them to collect them.

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