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If you or your members receive a message with something like:

'Hello member, Your message about xyz has been waitlisted.
Please add yourself to my Boxbe Guest List so your messages will go to my Inbox.
Click the link below to be added'

your message sender has installed an application called Boxbe. This is an anti-spam measure which works as follows:

  • User installs boxbe application.
  • Every email from a new address they receive gets an auto-email asking the sender to verify themselves with boxbe.
  • The user can accept the email in the boxbe application or it gets marked as spam.
  • The sender can also verify themselves with boxbe.

The problem is that they will send out an auto-email to every new address they receive email from. That will be one to every member of your group that sends a message!

Wikipedia has some information about the application [[1]]

Groups that have received messages from Boxbe have advised the member sending the messages to remove the application or they will be considered as spammers to the group and consequently removed.

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