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These are sample messages you can send to a member of your community.

Default message used by caretaker communities:

Dear Freegle Member

I know that 'borrowing' an item often seems like a good, environmentally friendly idea - but Freegle is for offering outright ownership only. We have $nummembers members and could not possibly get into the complications of what might happen if an item were not returned, or returned damaged.

I have edited your message today to remove the reference to borrowing the item and allowed it to appear on the board as a straight request. If you are lucky enough to receive one, you can always offer it back to other members of Freegle when you have finished with it.

Kind Regards
$groupname volunteer

or .............................

Dear Freegle member

Thank you for your posts, but we do not allow borrowing or lending.

If you only need an item for a short time, please just ask for it and you could offer to Freegle it again afterwards. Or ask for it in the Chitchat section, where the usual rules are more relaxed.

If someone offers to lend you the item, that would be between you and them.

Best wishes

or ............................

Hi there

I'm sorry but I have deleted your message from the main message board.

We do not allow messages asking to borrow items as this ultimately saves nothing from landfill but also can incur liability for the lender, so we don't endorse this through our community.

You are most welcome to repost a simple request for this item and/or request to borrow in chitchat, where rules are more relaxed.

Thank you for your understanding and kind regards

xxxx Freegle Volunteer

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