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There are several schemes that encourage the free sharing of books, which keep books in circulation and out of recycling bins/landfill!

  • - a free international internet based service, with a point system which means you need to give away at least one book for every two you receive.
  • - a community of book lovers who enjoy sharing our books with others. It's a simple process of adding a BookCrossing label to your books and then “releasing” them into the wild. And then logging into the site to see who finds them and where in the world they end up. It's fun and exciting to “follow” your books as they travel around the world and take on a life of their own. Who knows where they'll go and who will find them and return to the site to enter the ID from your labels...

  • Sainsburys, Tesco etc often have a small area for donation of books which are then sold for a local charity.
  • All charity shops take books.

And, of course, books can be sold on Ebay, Gumtree, local Facebook selling groups, webuybooks etc. Best to encourage all ways to keep books in circulation if possible!

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