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January 2021
These guidelines were dropped after the Board asked the role of Board Observer be abandoned. Development Group discussed this in December 2020 - January 2021 [[1]] and voted to scrap the role of observer and to adjust team/group remits to include a requirement for Board membership/access. Relevant remits were adjusted and the Board informed of the decision in Development's report to the Board for their meeting in February 2021 Freegle Board Meetings and Minutes 2021.


These guidelines were adopted by the Board on 28th January 2015.

The Board holds legal responsibility for Freegle. It is important that the Directors are aware of activities undertaken on behalf of Freegle, so the following will hopefully help provide good communication between other volunteers and the Board.

A Director will be appointed for each of the following:

  • Central Group -Owner
  • Development Working Group - Owner
  • Freshers Group - Owner
  • Funding Working Group - Owner
  • GAT - Observer member
  • Geeks Team - Observer member (Head of IT)
  • Mentors Team - Observer member
  • Tech Working Group - Owner

The purpose of Board Observers is to make sure teams and groups remain within their remit and to report regularly to the Board on general activity and personnel changes.

Spreadsheets with information that’s collectively used by teams and groups should ensure that the Board can access them via the address.

Independent mailboxes are subject to Freegle Mailbox Guidelines. Each of the ‘external’ mailboxes and social media accounts should have a designated Director observer, eg.