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There have been concerns expressed about allowing batteries to be freegled. There is no legal reason for them to be rejected, but care does need to be taken about disposal of batteries.

Lithium and other batteries are commonly recycled by hobbyists as shown in many videos and articles. These are two explaining safe reuse of laptop batteries:

The second one is published by, a well known hobbyists web site and part of Autodesk Inc., a big international company.

Car batteries need to be handled carefully - Halfords has a good safety/recycling guide

If you have worries about allowing batteries of any kind, you can ask those placing a request why they want them, and place a mods note on offers explaining that care needs to be taken if batteries are dismantled.

The regulations about the disposal of waste batteries of all kinds are here -

A US article about lithium batteries is here -

Link: Specific Items