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Here is an Admin you could use to encourage your community to Freegle:

ADMIN: Avoid the tip this bank holiday weekend

With an extra day off it's tempting to gather up loads of items, put them in the boot of your car and dump them at the tip. It's all rubbish isn't it? Maybe, but take a closer look and think about other uses for them - you're now looking at a valuable resource.

Here's a few ideas of what to look for.

Old towels and blankets - XXXXX Rescue are short of old towels and blankets. How many other animal shelters have the same need?

Bulk small items together: I gathered 30 plastic plant pots, a couple of old planters, some wire and an offcut of fencing. This was collected by a grateful gardener who was starting up an allotment.

Put similar items together: A lockable kid proof box and toy boxes were collected by a freegler who was about to start fostering children.

It doesn't have to be big: A rotary washing line spike that didn't fit was collected and installed on the same day complete with drying clothes. The freegler was delighted, it was of no use to me but was a perfect fit for them!

Is it broken? Great, that's a good thing. There are plenty of freeglers who love to mend items or upcycle them into something completely different. So offer your broken washing machine, printer, clay pots, garden fencing, bricks and more!

I'll be putting stuff on freegle this weekend, why don't you put some on too?

Please stop by our other local freegle communities and see what they're offering today:

Happy freegling!


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