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These are sample messages you can use when approving a post and changing your member's status from Moderated to Group Settings, which is recommended as soon as they have posted their first post, offer or request. You can use this in Standard Settings in Modtools, where you can set this or a similar message to change the status of the member automatically when this message is sent.

Default message used for caretaker groups:

Dear Freegle Member

Thank you for posting to $groupname

We are pleased to let you know that you are no longer on Moderation and your messages will now go straight to the community without any delay.

Just a reminder to not include personal info such as phone numbers or addresses in your main message as this can be seen by the general public and could be farmed for unlawful purposes. You are of course able to give these details in one to one chats.

Thank you for being part of Freegle.

Happy Freegling!

Kind Regards

$myname $groupname Volunteer $owneremail


Hi there

This is just a note to say thanks for freegling!

If you have any queries, we are always here to help.



Hi there

Just to let you know that your posts are no longer moderated, so they'll go straight out to our community. Thank you for using Freegle.

Kind regards

Link: Sample Messages