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There are lots of local animal rehoming centres throughout the UK, as well as online groups that help enable rehoming and finding lost animals. Please free to add or edit this list.

The list below doesn't come with any recommendations and hasn't been checked for good practice etc. It is purely a point of information.

UK-wide Groups - comprehensive national directory of animal rescue groups across the UK. - the Cats Protection League

It is a good idea to establish a good relationship with your local rehoming centres. They usually can do with donations of items - blankets, towels, bedding, pet carriers etc - and could source these through your community. You can also offer to advertise any fundraising events they are holding on the webiste events facility. In return, you can refer any offers or requests for animals to the centres.

Facebook has various UK groups for rehoming pets generally or for particular types of animals e.g. fish.

Checking Rescue/Rehoming Centres

If someone contacts your community claiming to be a rescue/rehoming facility and you are unsure about this, you can ask for the following information:

  • details of their adoption protocols
  • samples of their paperwork
  • a reference from their rescue vet (and follow that up)
  • website address, if they have one
  • details of how they find homes for the animals they take in
  • an appointment for yourself to visit and inspect their operation

No genuine facility would object to you asking for the above.

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