Add a Member using Mod Tools

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Add a member using Mod tools

You can add someone to your community if you have their email address. This is useful if they are finding it difficult to join or have been meaning to but haven't got round to it.
Some communities collect email addresses from interested people at events, and add them later.

To add a member

  • Go to ModTools>Members>approved for the community you wish.
  • Select the +Add button at the top.
  • Put the email address of the invitee into the box which opens, and enter the reason why you have added them to your community.
  • Click the green Add button in the bottom right hand corner.

NB: It is important that you do not abuse your status as a Freegle volunteer by adding members without their prior consent. That is unethical and could damage Freegle's reputation.

Link: ModTools