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Freegle Limited Annual General Meeting

Minutes of meeting held 1st to 10th November 2016 on

Freegle UK Central group

The second AGM of Freegle Ltd was opened on 1st November (
The Returning Officers ran the election for Directors in the weeks leading up to the AGM.


36 Members (which met the criteria for a quorum)

Apologies Received

1 Member

Chair of Meeting

Edward Hibbert (Chair of the Board)

Returning Officers

(AGM polls and Director election): Alison Redway and Jacky Barrett

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held in June 2015 - AGM 2015 Minutes - were approved unanimously by 24 votes.

Matters Arising

Dependence on Yahoo. This was a forthright and wide ranging discussion started about the risks of Freegle’s dependence on Yahoo to provide our infrastructure of groups, but included reinforcing our ways of working to maintain our organisation and future. It ended with 6 polls to decide on follow up actions:

  • 1. We must enforce the mandatory requirement that groups must be represented on Central. Development will create a procedure for this which includes attempts to contact the group, but if these fail, the group may ultimately be disaffiliated. Result: 2 abstain, 47 yes
  • 2. We must require Freegle groups to use at least one "viable" platform. Tech will determine the viability of different platforms by discussion and poll, to be revisited annually. Development should create a procedure for contacting groups which are not using viable platforms and encouraging them to do so, but if this fails, the group may ultimately be disaffiliated. Result: 6 abstain, 2 no, 41 yes
  • 3. Groups which have "failed" may be disaffiliated even if they are not abandoned. Development will create a procedure to assess this and which includes attempts to contact the group. Result: 6 abstain, 6 no, 37 yes
  • 4.New groups must be started on Freegle's preferred platform only. Tech will determine the preferred platform by discussion and poll, to be revisited annually. Result: 5 abstain, 5 no, 39 yes
  • 5. New groups must be able to add other platforms in the same way as existing groups (subject to the outcome of 2). Result: 7 abstain, 5 no, 1 no answer, 36 yes.
  • 6. Groups must confirm once a year that they still wish to be affiliated with Freegle, via a procedure created by Development. If a group does not reply, then it may ultimately be disaffiliated. 1 abstain, 4 no, 44 yes.

The Chair agreed to ensure the various Working Groups put these proposals on their task lists.

Board Annual Report 2016

The annual report was presented to the meeting - Board Annual Report 2016

Finance Report 2016

The accounts for 2015 and 2016 were presented to the meeting -

Two polls were conducted:

  • i. The Board requests Members:to accept the draft unverified accounts on condition that they will receive the verified accounts by 30 November 2016 if the figures or notes are unchanged. If unchanged and verified by the agreed date, a copy, or link to the copy, will be sent to each Member and also posted on Central. However, if the accounts are not received, or they are changed, by 30 November 2016 the Board will trigger a Special General Meeting, that is required, to accept the completed accounts when they are ready.
    Result: 21 voted yes - unanimous.
  • ii. The Board proposes that Freegle Ltd should disapply the requirement for fully audited accounts for the financial year 2016-17.
    Result : 21 voted yes - unanimous

Director Resignations and Election 2016

The Rules require a proportion of elected Directors to stand down annually at the AGM. Directors standing down at this meeting were Christian Brenninkmeijer, Ollie Clark and Edward Hibbert. Sheila Little's mid term co-option terminated at the AGM, so this left a total of 5 vacancies. The election for new Directors commenced on September 2016 with a nomination deadline of 8th October 2016. Three nominations (Christian Brenninkmeijer, Edward Hibbert and Sheila Little) were confirmed as candidates so, because there were fewer candidates than vacancies, they were elected unopposed at this meeting.

Close of Business

The meeting was closed on 10th November 2016 with thanks given to all attending and participating.


Further links for AGM paperwork and Director elections -