AGM 2015 Timetable

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The draft date and times for the first Freegle Ltd AGM are as follows:

Thurs 23 April Director nomination and questions etc process starts

Fri 22 May 16 clear days before AGM. Last date for emailing Members giving formal notification of AGM

Sun 7 June Director nomination process and questions etc ends

Sun 7 June Last date to pay Membership fees if a Member wishes to participate in the AGM

Mon 8 June AGM starts, Election of Directors an agenda item

Mon 8 June Only Volunteers on Membership Register on this date can vote during AGM.

Mon 8 June 24 hour poll to determine quorum, ie these will be the Members present at the meeting and thus entitled to vote.

Tues 9 June Voting for Directors starts

Tues 16 June Director Poll ends

Weds 17 June AGM ends or when Director results are announced.

The above timetable was intended, but for various reasons the election of the new Board didn't take place as planned. So the AGM wasn't completed until 15th August 2015 when the results of the Director elections were announced on Central.

Link: AGM 2015