AGM 2013 Minutes

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The Third AGM was held from Monday 25 November (0001hrs) to Sunday 1 December 2013 (2359hrs). on Freegle UK Central

Chairman:Jacky Barrett

Minutes Secretary:Alison Redway

Papers and Reports for the meeting available at

Meeting Opened 25 November 2013

The Chairman welcomed everyone to our virtual AGM which would take the form of threads on Freegle UK Central.

Apologies for absence

Received from:

Jon,Woking Freegle

Shirley,Dartford, Fenland, Gravesend and Hunts Freegle

Ruth,Porthmadog Freegle

Minutes of Previous Meeting

There were no requests for amendments to the Minutes. The meeting therefore accepted them as a true and accurate record of the 2012 meeting.

Matters Arising from 2012 Minutes

Strategy Report 2012:

The agreement of the meeting was that there was majority agreement with the Reps’ view that a trading arm would be the most realistic way for Freegle to obtain income in order for us to be sustainable in the future. There was strong agreement that transparency and full disclosure are key points.

The outcome of this was that Structure Group appointed a small team to investigate setting up a trading arm for Freegle. The team concluded that a trading arm attached to an unincorporated association (which Freegle is) was not really feasible, but recommended instead that Freegle as a whole change structure to an Industrial and Provident Society for Community Benefit.

After discussion on Structure and here on Central the national poll to approve this recommendation has been opened this morning. All Volunteers have the opportunity to vote in the poll, notifications are being sent to group owner addresses, it will run for 21 days. Please participate in the poll - it could be the most significant change to Freegle since we started up our network in 2009.

No further comments were received about this item during the meeting, so we accept that the action requested in last years meeting has been completed.

Comments were made as part of the response to the Media report later in the meeting.

Reps Annual Report

The report was received and accepted by the meeting. Thanks were received for the work of the Reps and all others who work for Freegle both centrally and in groups. Freegle is an achievement that we can all be proud of.

Finance and Auditors Report

Thanks were given to Jane, our Treasurer, for keeping our finances in such good order. The Accounts were accepted by the meeting.

Appointment of Auditor

The Chairman thanked those that voted in the poll and confirmed that Ray Owen is appointed as our Auditor for the following year with a clear majority vote.

Ray was congratulated and thanked for offering to do this job for Freegle.

Media Report

Media Matters Arising

The minutes recorded:

"It was suggested that we find extra people to help with public relations in order to cut down on travelling costs.

It was also suggested that we have a team of people who are prepared to give media interviews. It was confirmed that travelling expenses can be paid with prior approval from the Reps. Volunteers should not be put off media opportunities through lack of funds and are encouraged to talk to the Reps if they need help. It is hoped that we can do more publicity work of this nature in the coming year.

Regional help with publicity would also be useful with other types of media work, eg dealing with councils and extra income for Freegle may enable people to do this by paying for travelling expenses and potentially their time."

Many deserved thanks were expressed to Cat for all the work she has done for Freegle. All groups have benefitted enormously from her successes. In 2014, Cat will be handing over a lot of work as she is unable to continue this level of volunteer contribution. Media work is of paramount importance to Freegle if we wish to remain relevant in our sector, so more people are required to step forward to help maintain the impetus of publicity that has been established.

Any other notified business

There was no other business.

The Chairman thanked every one of us for our contribution to Freegle. We have somehow found ways of working together in this online environment to create something great! We can look forward to our fifth year together with the possibility of changing our structure to further consolidate our success, and hopefully continue to welcome more volunteers to our family.

Thanks were given for the running of the AGM and to the teams and individuals who have produced reports.

Meeting Closed 1 December 2013