AGM 2011 Timeline

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This is the planned timeline for the 2011 AGM:

  • 22nd September: Deadline for applications from prospective Auditors to the ORO Team
  • 23rd September: Anticipated publication date of Freespout with initial info on AGM
  • 30th September: Reps Report, Financial Report, Working Group Reports, Mailbox Report deadline for submission
  • 30th September: Notice of meeting deadline for all volunteers and posting on Central as a special notice
  • 14th October: Deadline for submissions of ‘other business’
  • 21st October: All papers to be finalised and available on Wiki
  • 24th October 0001hrs: Start of Apologies Thread on Central [1]
  • 30th October 2400hrs: End of Apologies Thread on Central [2]
  • Monday 31st October 0001hrs : AGM commences on Central [3]
  • Thursday 3rd November 2000hrs: latest a poll can be commenced on Central
  • Sunday 6th November 2400hrs: AGM closes on Central

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